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    hey leute.
    hab dies schon auf unknownchegats gepostet,
    aber dachte mir ich share es auch hier.
    Ne easy methods um module bases zu fetchen ( OSX C++ )
    Beispiel Counter strike source:

    function exec ( auf  stack overflow  gefunden):
    string exec(char* cmd) {
        FILE* pipe = popen(cmd, "r");
        if (!pipe) return "ERROR";
        char buffer[128];
        std::string result = "";
        while(!feof(pipe)) {
            if(fgets(buffer, 128, pipe) != NULL)
                result += buffer;
        return result;
    unsigned long GetBaseAdress(string input,char* dylib){
        string data  = input.substr(input.find(dylib), input.length());
        string baseadress = data.substr(data.find_first_of("0x"),data.find_first_of(" ("));
        baseadress = baseadress.substr(0,baseadress.find_first_of(" "));
        return strtoul(baseadress.c_str(),NULL,0);
        string data = exec(" symbols hl2_osx -noSymbols -noSources -noDemangling 
        -fullSourcePath -arch i386 -w");
        this->uClientBase = GetBaseAdress(data, "/client.dylib");
        this->uEngineBase = GetBaseAdress(data, "/engine.dylib");
        printf("%-10s [0x%.8x]\n","Client.dylib", this->uClientBase);
        printf("%-10s [0x%.8x]\n","Engine.dylib", this->uEngineBase);
    ich hoffe das hilft jemanden. lg suman

    runtime screenshot:
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